PPTP for Android

This guide will show you how to connect to the ultra secure vpn service of FrootVPN. Find in details how to setup PPTP vpn on your Android device.

1 : Settings

Guide Image 1
In the main menu of your Android device, tap the Settings icon.

2 : Choose More

Guide Image 2
In the settings menu under Wireless and Networks, choose More<80>

3 : Choose VPN

Guide Image 3
Choose VPN.

4 : Add VPN Profile

Guide Image 4
Under the VPN, choose Add VPN Profile to set up your account.

5 : Edit VPN Profile

Guide Image 5
In the Edit VPN Profile, make sure to enter PPTP as your VPN type and enter server address: se.vpn.frootvpn.com

6 : Connect To Frootvpn

Guide Image 6
Enter your credentials and tap Connect to start using this ultra secure and encrypted vpn.