Please follow the steps below to setup OpenVPN on your DD-WRT router to connect to the FrootVPN servers.  

Please be advised that this guide is a general overview, and steps may vary depending upon your router. Please ensure that your router supports being flashed by checking the DD-WRT Router Database, and entering your router's name, manufacturer, and/or revision.  

If your router is supported; please follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the OpenVPN configuration files for the FrootVPN server(s) you wish to connect to from the Server List located within the account area of our website, and extract the files to a folder on your computer.

  2. Open the DD-WRT control panel for your router (typically this can be accessed via a web browser and entering, then click the Setup tab, and Basic Setup.

  3. Scroll down the page until you find Time Settings.  Click Enable under NTP Client, and set the time zone to the time zone you are in (IE. New York City = UTC-0:500).  For greater precision; you can set the NTP-server as an option.  Click Save then Apply Settings.

  4. Click on the Services tab, and then the VPN tab within services.

  5. Click Enable under Start OpenVPN Client to open the OpenVPN configuration.  Open the folder that the configuration files from Step 2 are saved to, and open the configuration file using a text editor, Server IP/name and Port configuration is stored in the configuration file in line started with “remote”. Copy it to the fields within the router OpenVON configuration window.

  6. Set Hash Algorithm to SHA1.

  7. Turn on Advanced Options, and in the Additional Config field enter:

    ns-cert-type server
    auth-user-pass "/tmp/auth.conf"
    persist-key persist-tun
    verb 2

  8. Copy and paste to "CA Cert" the whole block, (including “ BEGIN CERTIFICATE” and “END CERTIFICATE”) in configuration file between <ca> and </ca>.

  9. Enable NAT.

  10. Click Save, then click Apply Settings.

  11. Open the Administration tab, then select the Commands tab.  In the Commands field; enter the following strings, replacing  "username" and "pass" with that of your FrootVPN account:

    echo "username
    password" > /tmp/auth.conf
    chmod 600 /tmp/auth.conf

  12. Click Save Startup, and your configuration file will be displayed.

  13. Reboot your router using the Reboot router button located at the bottom of your Management tab.  Please allow 1-3 minutes for the rebooting process to complete.

To confirm that your router has successfully connected to the FrootVPN server you are connecting to; please test your IP address from any computer or device connected to your router.  If the IP is not that of where you are located; your connection has been successful, and all Internet-enabled devices are connected and secured with FrootVPN.

If you have any questions or experience any issues while installing and setting up your DD-WRT router to connect to the FrootVPN VPN servers using OpenVPN; please contact our Support Team anytime.