What is WireGuard?

WireGuard is a new connection protocol which you can use to connect to our servers. We had pptp, l2tp, ipsec, ikev2 and openvpn protocols before - and now we added support for wireguard as well.

What should I know about WireGuard?

WireGuard is a new protocol, which development started only 4 years ago. So compared to ipsec/openvpn, which both are already 15+ years on the market, it's considered as a less secure protocol - but still much more secure than pptp or l2tp which both are considered very weak in 2019.

Does WireGuard have any advantages compared to openvpn or ipsec?

Yes, it has. Due to very small code base and simple implementation - it connects quicker than ipsec or openvpn. It also will offer you a better speed, which you should notice if your internet speed is above 100mbps.

What are private and public keys in wireguard?

WireGuard uses your private key for security and encryption mechanism. And public key is generated from private key and is used to identify you on the server side.
Your private key is used in your wireguard config and should be kept in secret only on your computer/smartphone which you use to connect. And your public key is distributed to all our servers so they could identify you as a valid customer.

What is wireguard preshared key?

It's another key you can add for an additional layer of symmetric-key cryptography to be mixed into the already existing public-key cryptography, for post-quantum resistance. Right now it can be natively generated only on linux/macOS machines with following commands:
root@ubuntu:~# wg genpsk > preshared
root@ubuntu:~# cat preshared
After that - just copy preshared key and add it alongside with your public key.

Do you have guides for wireguard?

Yes, we have guides for
WindowsLinuxMacOS and Android. It's also compatible with iOS, so if you want setup it there - please contact us, we will help you to setup it there too.